Month: January 2015

Fur daze.

Hello, everyone! It’s good to be back blogging here and there! Now that my schedule has been freed up a bit, I’ll be blogging more often! (Yay!!!!)
Today I’m talking about fur. Yes, it’s kind of a trend this season.. But I liked it long before it was considered the “it” piece of the season, which makes me feel a little better about wearing it. I’m happy to say that fur is a staple piece for many reasons, not just because it will keep you warm, but also because you’ll look hella fierce. Who doesn’t wanna look fierce?! Haha. Fur is so easy, it’s one of those pieces that you throw over top a plain white tee and still look glamorous. I’d like to encourage the people out there who are kinda skeptical on the idea of wearing fur, once you put it on and pair it with an old pair of Levi’s… There is no turning back. Or in my case pairing it with a pair of pre-ripped black skinnies.. Even then. No.turning.back. But, it’s well worth it. Even through all the “yikes, what is she wearing looks”. I’m sure you might get many a envious stares too.
Here are some pics of how I wore my fur.



Shirt: thrfited, Jeans: AE, Shoes: Anthropolgie, Fur: Nordstrom, Hat: Free People.

Until next time, keep it wacky! (and wear the fur!!!



In with the new, in with the old.

Nothing says happy New Year like a celebratory blog post. How have we made it to 2015?! It’s crazy how time flies. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what unfolds this new year, maybe something crazy will happen… Like a pair of white suede Manolo’s showing up on my doorstep.. Even if it just happens in my dreams.. I’ll still be happy. Moving on, I want this year to be filled with nothing but what I like when it comes to my closet and everyday outfits, even if it means looking completely ridiculous. I’m sure someone, somewhere will appreciate my brave actions to step out in crazy colors, more than 3 patterns, or in this case a bad look from the 2000’s. The dress over pants. It’s so glamorous and effortless. Here’s some pictures of my first take on this look.



Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! Keep it wacky!