Greetings Cold Weather

I think I have a problem with posting on this blog on a regular, pfff oh well. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting more frequently soon. Today I’m here to talk about something cool, COLD WEATHER. It’s finally arriving here in Virginia, and I’m excited. With colder weather comes many great things. So with that in mind I wanted to share a few things that are inspiring my autumn/winter wardrobe




all white with a touch of TRENCH.

all white with a touch of TRENCH.

Tomboy, but more girly. Yes, it's a paradox.

Tomboy, but more girly.

Getting down and knitty.

Getting down and knitty.


GOOD VIBES with muted tones and a pop of color.



Pattern/Texture mix up. Brings warmth to my little soul.

Pattern/Texture mix up. Brings warmth to my little soul.

Starting with fringe. Pfff there’s too much to say about fringe. It’s just so good. It brings so much fun to the fashion world and I can’t wait to find the right something with fringe I know I’ll wear to spice up my cold days. Oh, and add warmth. Then we have the classic, timeless trench. IT’S SO VIBRANT. AND AMAZING. Wear it with all winter white and BAM you’re good to go. Another thing I’m really loving at the moment is that slouchy tomboy look, spiced up with a touch of girly glam. It’s really cute and quirky. Gotta love that.

Chunky knit wear for me, is a total must. For 3 valuable reasons. 1. THEY’RE WARM 2. THEY’RE EFFORTLESS 3.THEY’RE CHIC AS ALL GET OUT. For those reasons alone you should do some research and purchase a nice chunky knit sweater to keep you warm during the cold winter days. One of my all time favorite A/W chicness is layering. It brings cool simple vibes to my world. (hopefully your’s too) It’s so enchanting and chic even though it tends to be a lot.

Lastly we have pattern and texture mix ups. (AHHHHH)Hella chic. PICK UP ON THIS HOT MESS. For now, this concludes my autumn/winter guide. Keep up the good vibes.


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