Month: June 2014

Trend in action: Culottes

I can honestly say, I never thought I’d be wearing a pair of these ‘culottes’ again. I remember wearing gauchos when I was younger, (when they were all the rage). Looking back on photos, I swore I’d never wear something as frighting as them again. But, what do you know. Here I am again, wearing them. Except, I don’t have to call them by the hideous name of gauchos, I can call them culottes. Which makes me feel so much better about wearing them. Anyway, I can’t help but just love this pair I picked out on my shopping excursion last Friday night. I saw them looking ever-so-glamorous on the mannequin and just knew I had to have them. I paired them with a simple white linen shirt & some fancy jewels. Oh, & a great pair of madrid Birkenstocks. Now I’m just obsessed with this unpredictable pair of pants. I might just go out and buy myself a couple more pairs. You might find these pants to be truly horrifying at just one glance, but don’t judge them until you’ve tried them on. Who knows, you could find yourself being head over heels for this fabulous pair of pants.





Top: Flax, Pants: Nordstrom, Shoes: Birkenstocks, Bracelet: F21, Bag: ZARA.

Until next time, keep it wacky!