Month: May 2014

Off the Shoulder.

I’ve been massively obsessed the off the shoulder blouse. But, I can’t find any “Holy crap, I need you blouses,” without them being like a million dollars. Okay, I exaggerated a little, but the prices tend to be on more of the hefty side. I can’t stop myself from daydreaming about filling my wardrobe with about 350,000 of them. But when reality nips my butt, my dreams are crushed. What is it about this blouse that intrigues my little soul so much? It’s fun, wacky, and classy. And has the potential to create SO much to just one outfit.  You could dress it up, or you could dress it down, I mean the possibilities are endless. Just look how fabulous these tops are. So graceful and fun. I bet with each step confidence is boosted quite quickly. Well, at least, I think it would boost my confidence.







Until next time, people!